Best life tip I have right now: Make friends with your vet. Find a nice one. Ask about their animals, ask about their kids. Make appointments with them and only them when you have that flexibility. You’ll know they’re the one when they offer their email for your further questions or updates. And one day it may make your pet’s last day easier on all of you.

Buddy, who you have all seen in my icon over my entire stint here, was adopted by my sister seven years ago as he recovered from 3 broken legs (not from abuse, just clumsiness). He went through copious therapy with her, swimming like a fish and wearing a darling little brace. He never let his handicap stop him from chasing any ball. Or running after any squeak (we all did our worst squeaky toy impressions when he stubbornly refused to come downstairs with us and it worked every time).

At the rescue, the first day we met him.

I don’t want to go into the nitty gritty of this week except that some sort of creeping paralysis came over him. The emergency vet said it was probably just a slipped disk at first. We emailed our regular vet, who said to take him into the neurologist. He was admitted while they ran tests and the neurologist said “We’ll call you when there’s news.” But when we emailed our vet, she and her tech checked in on him. They gave him a bath. They took pictures of him. They kept in touch with us.

They gave us hugs the next day when we came to see his body.

He was my nephew. He was our little boy. He was the one and only light of my sister’s life. And now she, and we, go on without him.


So make friends with your vet. You might need it one day.

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