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Happy news!

For as long as I’ve been a member of the Groupthink community, it’s been Lexador and Mexador. Because Mexador pre-dated my first finding Jezebel. He’s pre-dated most things, like college, my first drink, learning to drive, losing religion, gaining sarcasm, because we’ve been together for 12 years. Since freshman year of high school.

And now we’re engaged!

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We went on vacation to Orlando this weekend and what you see above is the Animal Kingdom savanna as seen from our balcony, where he proposed. He popped the question the first day there which was awesome because we had the rest of the trip to be cheesy and gross and for him to brag to any and every one that I said yes. We were all dolled to go to a nice dinner and his parents had the hotel deliver us a bottle of champagne. We called family and friends, who were all completely unsurprised. My friends started planning the wedding. His started planning the bachelor party.

He says his favorite part was about two minutes after the proposal and kissing and hugging, he asked what I thought about being his fiancée and I gave this little suddenly joyous grin at hearing that word. My favorite part was that even before I knew he was proposing this trip, the front desk checked us in, with the reservation under his name, and said, “Have a good trip, Mr. and Mrs. Mexador!” and I really liked the sound of it.


We won’t get married or even start planning until I have a full time job so we are on stable financial grounds, but I was tired of calling him boyfriend, when the title doesn’t account for the seriousness and duration of our relationship.

I do want to thank you awesome people because a couple of months ago, I posted that I was psyching myself out about the ring. I couldn’t decide! Was I settling? I hadn’t had a eureka moment. Am I just an indecisive person? You all talked me down, saying that for many of you, you picked a pretty one and the weight of significance attached to it afterwards. Well one night Mexador and I went into a shop and I saw one and said I’d like to try it. I put it on and everything screamed at me, “YES. THIS ONE. MINE.” I came back a few days later by myself and again, “THIS IS MINE.” It’s beautiful, with a sapphire the exact color I wanted (a little lighter than it looks in the photo) and even though it’s going to take some getting used to wearing a ring every day, I can’t stop playing with it and looking at it.


And Mexador and I, two of the least outwardly romantic people you will ever meet, can’t stop touching each other and addressing each other as “my fiancée”. (More pictures in the comments, to possibly go poof later)

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